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FREE with every hosting plan - Download Free Ebook PDFs with Resell Rights!

You read correctly! WittyHost gives you access to free ebooks in pdf format with any hosting plan. Once you sign up for your hosting account, you will receive a username and password to a members only section.

what is an ebook What is an ebook?
free ebook downloads How do I access my Free Ebook Downloads?
free ebook pdf format Are my free ebook downloads only in pdf format?
reselling ebooks How you can resell your free ebooks

Access to thousands of FREE eboks!

affordable webhosting package What is an Ebook?
An e-book is an electronic file of a book. Once you sign up for a hosting account, you can access your members area which will include Adobe pdf books with instructions for downloading onto your computer. It's easy!

You may have noticed that many websites offer books in a "downloadable e-book" format. E-books are a relatively new concept so we thought we'd answer some frequently asked questions about them here:

How do I view an ebook?
Simply download the the zip folder in the members section and unzip it. We guarantee it's safe and virus-free. You may then choose to read it on your computer screen or print it out on your own printer. Many customers print, hole-punch and bind our books within regular, store-bought binders.

What are the advantages of purchasing an e-book?
Cost, time and functionality. We sell e-book versions of our books for less than printed copies because it saves us printing costs and we avoid damage caused by mailing. It also spares you shipping charges involved with bound and printed versions (especially important for our overseas customers!). Plus, you receive your book immediately and avoid packaging and shipping time.

With an e-book, you can search for specific wording within the text, resize the text, or change the text orientation on the screen and still enjoy the functionality of traditional print books, such as highlighting text, making annotations, or bookmarking pages.

download free ebook pdfHow do I access my Free Ebook Download

It's easy to access your ebooks. Your first step to gaining access to our ebook vault is to purchase a hosting account. Once you purchase your hosting account you will receive access to your free ebooks. We will then receive a username and password to log in to our ebook membership area.

Website hosting packagesAre my free ebook downloads only in pdf format?
Almost all ebooks on the internet are in PDF format. This is the most convenient way to offer a fast, easy way to read or resell your ebooks.

linux cpanel web hostingHow you can resell your free ebooks
To sell an ebook online, you need a website. It's fairly easy to upload your ebooks into a folder on your hosting account and sell them to customers. In your WittyHost control panel, you will be able to password protect this folder. Sounds easy right? If you need any help along the way you can contact a WittyHost representative and they will help you with every step. Once your website is set up and you have the ebooks uploaded, you can start selling your ebooks. The best place is to sell them on ebay. All of these strategies will be explained in your members area after you purchase your hosting account.

What are you waiting for? There's tons of money to be made selling ebooks! Whether you want to resell them in packages or sell them one by one, the markets right.

Receive Free Membership Access to WittyHost's Ebook Vault!

Access to thousands of FREE eboks!
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